donderdag 8 september 2011

Erik & Emilia brillen

Binnenkort te koop bij IEN brillen van Erik & Emilia. Heb je een bril op sterkte nodig koop bij ons en montuur en laat bij een opticien glazen op sterkte erin zetten. Mocht je geen bril nodig hebben draag hem dan als een mode item. 
Erik & Emilia Glasses
The two designers Erik & Emilia are the duo behind the Nordic brand, Erik & Emilia Glasses. Located in Swedish Lapland, the two designers are being inspired by the exotic Nordic environment with its reindeers, mountains and northern lights. Creating spectacles and sunglasses after the Nordic environment has also made the two designers to name all their glasses after Swedish suburbs and cities, such as Jokkmokk, Kiruna and Åre. The sunglasses are named after Swedish beaches and Swedish summer resorts.
Even if you just want to look cool or have an alternative to necklace or earring our spectacles can be worn as an accessory. Of course you can wear them with prescription.
"Our inspiration comes partly from the Swedish fashion arena when we are in the process of making our spectacles. The stylishness that are deeply rooted in Swedish design is something that we want to recreate into the area which spectacles are in, we want to turn spectacles into an accessory that can be worn by everybody everyday. Throughout the Nordic culture and our design we aim to map out Swedish Lapland".

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